About Me

Sara J.

Sara has been passionate about helping people heal with massage therapy since 2008 following graduation from Centerpoint Massage and Shiatsu Therapy School. She strives to bring balance to her clients and educate them about their own bodies, bringing them back to the wellbeing their body is intended to feel. With a strong background of working in medical settings, Sara’s style leans towards a therapeutic deep tissue massage. Her experience from working on literally thousands of bodies has helped Sara gain the intuitive confidence to know what pressure and techniques on any given area of the body will respond best. This is a team effort and close communication with her clients during the session lets the client know their input is necessary in giving the body space to let go and heal.

What Others Say About Me

Best massage therapist I have ever seen! I found Sara during my pregnancy and with her care I enjoyed a back pain free pregnancy. She listened to my concerns, always made sure I was comfortable & had excellent techniques. I highly recommend her to all Mommas.

Mandi W.

I’m a soccer player and I also work from home. I spend long hours sitting followed by nights playing soccer. I especially like the Myofascial Release tool that she uses, it’s works wonders on those tough spots. I’m so happy I found Sara and would recommend her to anyone who want’s to feel amazing.

Adam C.

I was suffering from such tight and strained leg muscles caused from years of standing on hard surfaces I could barely walk. In a few sessions of Sara’s focused and skilled work I was out of pain. Her suggestions to me regarding how to keep those newly working leg muscles in shape were accurate and welcomed.

Brandon T.

I have had the pleasure of getting to know and enjoying the massage therapy services of Sara since 2012. Upon each massage therapy session, Sara greets me with a bright smile and an eager intention to heal. At times I have been unsure about which part of my body needs the most attention. When this occurs, I am comforted by the fact that I can point to a general area and rely on Sara to find it for me.

Andrea L.